December 5 / 2013
TBA / Brooklyn
Autopilot: One Year Anniverary


Attention Passengers:
In honor of one year in flight with Autopilot, we’re taking a turn.

No frills, just straight-up sonic explorations. Instead of stacking a night with twenty artists, we’re bringing things back to the basics.

Longer sets. Brooklyn location. Late nights (if you’d like). Dark corners. Extended play. Expect vinyl, half-finished shit, bootlegs, dubplates, tracks that won’t ever see the light of day.

We’re bringing it back to the artists:
To give them the time and space to get weird.
And we’re bringing it back to you, because you’re the heart of this scene, too.

Thanks for Year One and everyone who has supported us. Ready for another? We are.

Let’s get down & get flown. ✈

☁ Doctor Jeep ☁
Doctor Jeep is a 23-year old New York native known to most as Andre Lira. While attending college in Boston, he quickly gainined notoriety as one of the city’s most diverse young selectors, blending upbeat house and techno with the global sounds of baile funk, dancehall, old-school uk garage, african percussionism and more. With eclectic DJ sets mixing the past, present, and future of dance music in some of Boston’s best clubs, he has proven to adapt to any vibe and make it his own style of party.Production-wise, Jeep’s music has been described as “a style somewhere between the tropical inclinations of Dutty Artz, the grinding 808 electro of Swamp81, and the breakbeat-heavy sound of 90′s UK rave music.” With several original EPs and remixes on Freshmore, Hot Mom USA, Trouble & Bass, Youngunz amongst other labels, and support from international artists such as Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Armand Van Helden, Shy FX, Roska, B.Traits, Machinedrum, and Kastle, the future looks bright for this young producer.

☁ Your Move ☁
Gravity, magnetism, lust, the spice, the sublime, the flow, the message, the method, and the meditation.

Autopilot Resident & co-founder of the end fence label.

☁ Saturn Bound ☁
Autopilot is our interstellar playground for incredible people, good beats, and strong drinks. Simple.

Saturn Bound showcases artists who take craft and form into the future, and allow for spontaneous creative collaboration to take place. We do it on the dance floor.

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Nov 1 / 2013
Berlin / Germany
Burn The Machine Festival

Third edition of our yearly festival.

Three days this year, from Thursday, October 31st to November 2nd.

Early-birds tickets are now available. Act fast and get yours:
-at Deck20 in Berlin (Jungstr.18, Friedrichshain)
-online through the Ad Noiseam store:

October 31st:
Subnoiseam floor:
The 030
Svarte Greiner

November 1st:
Ad Noiseam floor:
Gore Tech

Btm Techno floor:
Drum Kid
Bill Youngman
Dave The Drummer
Patrick DSP

Mother Nature (Feat – Hecq Soundtrack)

November 2nd:
Subdivision floor:
The Sect
Current Value
Dean Rodell

Surgical floor:
Electric Kettle
Deathrave Crew

Workshops By Schneiders Büro & Ableton

Modular synthesis presentation and workshop by Schneiders Büro
Audio production workshop by Ivan Shopov.
Audio-visual workshops by Stormfield
Sound Design Workshop By Hecq
Ableton Push Demo By Simon Hunter Darren Hunter Hayes Carll

March 22 / 2013
The National Underground / Manhattan
So Fucking Future: Colonies

$10 before 1am w RSVP to





1 363 946 400.75

> emerged into low orbit;

+ airspace crowded with unregistered satellites.

>>Visible satellites displayed unidentified language.

> Sudden catastrophic ship failure;

+ suspected network attack, impossible to confirm.

> Crew evacuating to surface.

>>Send recovery team with armed escort.

>>Initial contact suggests progress far beyond that of the home colonies.

Join us for SFF’s 6th installment, Colonies at National Underground in New York City.


+The Sect+
-The Sect Music / Subsistenz / C4C-

Initially meeting through mutual friends in the late 1990s, Blade and Virtua have been producing Drum & Bass together ever since. Long-time friend and DJ partner Method joined soon after, completing the trio and The Sect was born.

Hooking up with Raiden and Propaganda whilst living in the South of England, they all share the same love of driving, underground drum and bass, especially the breaks, techno and futuristic soundscapes that embody the Offkey sound. This culminated in their first signing to the label – ‘Nerve Attack’.

Heavily influenced by the futuristic releases on Underfire, the techno-edged Konflict sound and the early Prodigy tracks, The Sect aim to produce forward-thinking tracks which blend techno and drum and bass elements to move the dance floor.

They are no strangers to the 1210s either, Blade & Method having DJ’d regularly at clubs and events across the UK and abroad for over ten years and Virtua showcasing his turntablist skills at the DMC championships.

Although as individuals they have had various releases across a number of different genres (currently Virtua is enjoying success as one half of burgeoning Breakbeat duo Digital Breaks Foundation), together they are committed to pushing the technoid Drum & Bass sound and are excited to join the Offkey family.

With current releases on Offkey and Obscene and also a whole host of new tracks signed to Offkey, Freak, Position Chrome, ELP and Habit, The Sect are picking up interest from a lot of big name players within the scene, plus establishing themselves as big favourites of die hard Drum and Bass fans all over the world. Playing at nights throughout the UK and Europe, these guys are destroying dance floors wherever they play, or even where their tunes are played.

You have been warned… Prepare for a complete technoid onslaught of Drum & Bass.

-Ad Noiseam-

Lynn Standafer, better known as Enduser, undoubtedly counts as the better known, most active and highest praised breakcore producers. Shooting his way through the 2000s with salvoes of EPs and albums as well as constantly touring all over the world, Enduser has grown from being a driving force of this sound to one of its best embodiment and most recognized figure.

Synonymous for a music which marries carefully laid melodies with unrestrained aggression, Enduser has received prais- es from all sorts of horizons for the way he manages to entice a sense of beauty in the midst of broken and pummelling beats. If hard electronic music can ever be recognized as having a soul, it is throughout Endusers output that this gets best demonstrated.

Enduser has played too many high-profile shows and festivals to list, and has amassed an impressive discography, which features several highly successful records and tracks. His music has been recognized as heavily influential in many genres, ranging from drum’n’bass to metal.

Enduser has also collaborated with artists ranging from drum and bass heavyweights Dylan or DJ Hidden as with rock and metal legends Jarboe (of the Swans), Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu) or Bill Laswell.

-Herd Killing, Guerilla-

For a decade, music producer and musician Sean Shah who is known as SILENT KILLER, has been an integral and innovative part of electronic dance music history. With EVERYONE BLEEDS, the first solo album, he pays homage to the great producers of Drum N Bass of the 21st century whose masterful works inspired his own development as one of the most diverse and exciting producers of this age. After the release of EVERYONE BLEEDS album, Shah begin working on his second album titled AMONGST VILLAINS, which he produced with Dean Barker (Breaker) and collaborated with some of the most talented artists in the Drum N Bass, Breakcore and Dubstep genre. Shah reaches back to the primary sources of various electronic music genres to create and showcase his personal interpretations. The albums, are more then eccentric beats, rhythm and sound design, it is a window into the mechanical soul of the man in 21st century.
In addition to his albums, Shah has been releasing several singles on vinyl with notable artists such as SCORN, Counterstrike, End.user, UFO!, KJ Sawka, DJ Hidden, Cooh, Gein, Munchi and Rex Riot. Shah’s music has garnered die hard support from top DJs and fans with his unique approach and style. He has released records on notable indie music labels such as Ohm Resistance, Human, Obliterati, Guerilla, Counterstrike and Algorythm.

-Guerilla, Herd Killing, Bad Chemistry-

Dean Barker or Breaker is a DJ and producer originally raised constantly traveling between Germany, London, New York, California, Oklahoma and now based back in Brooklyn, New York City from where he runs his own Guerilla Recordings. Starting his first compositions with a Sega game console, a few codes and two tape decks, Dean is heavily influenced by death metal, punk music, hip-hop, industrial, and blues. With work forthcoming on labels like Peanut Butter Wolf’s ” Stones Throw Records” , Gein’s ” Bad Chemistry” and more, Breaker’s tunes receive play at the hands of artists & Dj ‘s like Atari Teenage Riot, Dieselboy, Counterstrike, Gein, Cooh, Black Sun Empire, Future Prophecies, DJ Hidden & Eye D, Photek, Hybris, Chris Renegade, Amaning, Reid Speed, DStar, Mason, Capital J, Ewun, & The Upbeats. Breaker has released on “Ohm Resistance” , Diesel Boy’s ” Human Imprint”, Counterstrike’s ” Counterstrike Recordings,” Metropolis Records , and recently on his own imprint “Guerilla Recordings”, Breaker’s already accomplished with much in store for the future of music in many genres.
Within 7 years of making records, Breaker has done and is currently remixing, collaborating and getting support work with names like Infitrata, Angelo Moore (Lead Singer & Saxophonist of Fishbone) Norwood Fisher ( Founder & Bassist of Fishbone), CX KiDTRONiK ( 8 Bit sounds & Vocalist of Atari Teenage Riot), Billy Danze ( M.O.P), Lady Bug Mecca ( Digable Planets ), Lords of Acid, DJ Mea (Lead Vocalist of Lords of Acid ), Lady Kier ( Vocalist of Dee Lite), Silent Killer, Counterstrike, Gein, Cooh, Nphonix, Receptor, Donny, Scorn ( Drummer of Napalm Death), DJ Hidden, Enduser ( Beats of Blood of Heroes), KJ Sawka ( Drummer of Pendulum ), Dr Isreal, and Toshinori Kondo,

+Your Move+
-end fence-

Gravity, electromagnetism, lust, the spice, the flow, the message, the method, and the meditation.

-So Fucking Future-

A New York based visual artist/photographer, SHVLFCE’s DJ sets hide in the crushing, mechanised depths of Techstep, Drum and Bass, IDM and Hardcore.
2012 proved to be a groundbreaking year. From premiering a massive mural installation at one of Berlin’s best underground Drum and Bass/Techno clubs: Subland, to collaborations with fashion designer Ximon Lee, SHVLFCE refuses to dwell on boundaries between media, and only strives understand the nature of composition.
SHVLFCE has produced visual design for major labels and artists such as Amon Tobin, Neosignal, Machine Code, Subsistenz, Kuxxan Suum, Perc, and a myriad of others.

+Create Her+
-end fence / So Fucking Future-

Rising from beneath our Sepharad deserts, Create Her wields a story that arcs from ancient methods to future structures and systems. Create Her traverses time in search of true love, siphoning the energy we harness for our counterpart into leaving his artistic imprint on the phenomena we call reality.
Unless his first true love can help it…

Create Her’s sound welds intricate rhythms, snarling synths, meticulous design, ineluctable throbs and breathing basslines drawing from classic IDM, techno, and drum & bass. Create Her has shared the stage with acts all across the spectrum such as Amon Tobin, Photek, Max Cooper, Kuxxan SUUM, SHVLFCE, Your Move, Raiz, and Jogyo.

$10 before 1am w RSVP to / $15 / 21+

February 1 / 2013
206 Lounge / Manhattan
EMBERS II with Your Move and ‘Helioscale’ Art Works by Shvlfce

For the second edition of Embers, New York selektor YOUR MOVE will take us on a reckless 7-hour voyage through lush electronics, abstract non-genre cuts, and rarities you’ll never get to hear played elsewhere in the city. Arkady, co-founder of the eclectic ‘End Fence’ free label, began Your Move as a production and performance project exploring the hypnotic, engulfing rhythms of techno, dub, and other, less describable exercises in bass and structure. He’ll be digging deep into a collection spanning oceans, decades and cultures to bring you to a sublime and shocking place.

Your Move (end fence)

EMBERS is a highly curated series of musical performances focused on providing a creative playground for DJs and crate diggers to showcase their depth of influences and push the limits of their repertoire.

This event will also feature art works by SHVLFCE:

A native New Yorker, SHVLFCE, is a Brooklyn based Illustrator and visual designer. His work spans from pen and ink to audio/visual spacial design and production. After executing solo shows in Los Angeles and Berlin over the last several years, along with five installations of his own Techno/Drum and Bass event “So Fucking Future”, this will be the first display of his original concept of Hyper-Surrealism on the island of Manhattan.

Bouncing between a myriad of techniques, the images span and blend architecture, product design, surrealism and motion, with an eye refined by studies in photography and cinematography and a deep love for science both fiction and non-fiction.

The collection of work from 2012 entitled “Helioscale”, surrounds a year of dedication to discovery, re-synthesis and an intensive desire to reach new levels of production and thought.

Friday, February 1st
9 PM – 4 AM
206 Lounge
206 Sullivan Street, Manhattan

No cover — no pretension

January 10 / 2012
The Sullivan Room / Manhattan
Autopilot: A Supersonic Session

Saturn Bound presents: AUTOPILOT

First off, props to all of you that made it to the red-eye hours of the night and closed it down with us at our last Sullivan Room session.

We’re back again.

With one of NYC’s best soundsystems in the hands of a few sonic geniuses, you can’t misfire. Deep house, tech house, future bass, mystery house, barbie dream house, minimal, maximal and any other genre name we feel like making up. An interstellar playground for beautiful people, good beats, and strong drinks. Simple.

Get flown.


Space Jam (Turrbotax)

Blacky II (Rinsed)

SHVLFCE (end fence)

Your Move (end fence)

★ $5 cover ★ 2 for 1 drinks from 10pm-11pm! ★

Visuals by VJ Doctor Mojo

Photo by URCHIN

Our ethos at Saturn Bound is to perfect the magic that happens when you combine good art, good music, and good people together.

We believe in providing the space and support for creative collaboration and connection to take place. And have a lot of fucking fun while doing it. Because all good art is a reason to party.

January 5 / 2013
The Dragonfly / Los Angeles
So Fucking Future: Helius

+So Fucking Future+



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alertcode Ω-00; unknown stellar event

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status:approved, initiate immediately

CMD: tether prisms 1-5; array: TETRAGLYPH

Join us for SFF’s 5th installment, Helius in Los Angeles, California, featuring…

-Droid Behavior-

Los Angeles born and bred, Vangelis and Vidal Vargas were raised in the ’80s on a steady diet of Latin freestyle, electro, and new wave that pervaded their urban environment. Their father also exposed them to cutting edge progressive acts Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, planting early seeds for aural exploration. By the mid ’90s they were sampling LA’s underground club scene and heavily researching electronic music’s roots. After years of influence they began to express their musical vision through their own recordings and performances. Vidal and Vangelis eventually found common ground with producer / performer Drumcell, and in 2002 they formed the Droid Behavior event production group and record label out of frustration with the city’s lack of knowledge, acceptance, and understanding for Midwest-bred techno and house music and their European counterparts.

As producers Vangelis and Vidal have released and licensed original music and remixes under various aliases (most notably Acid Circus and Raíz) on the Droid Recordings imprint as well as respected labels Historia y Violencia, Tora Tora Tora, DJMag, Music Man, Resident Advisor, Enemy Rec, Gynoid, Reloading, Micro.Fon and Timefog. Their music has been charted, played and supported by Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, DVS1, Levon Vincent, Jonas Kopp, etc.

Their intense and inspiring performances have placed them alongside major players Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, Dan Bell, Surgeon, Sandwell District, Robag, Paco Osuna, Pan Pot, Marco Carola, Detroit Grand Pubahs, and Berghain Residents at undergrounds, festivals, after hours, and club nights from North and South America to Berlin.

-Radiobomb 90.7FM-

Whether she brandishes vinyl venoms Miyuki is ready for Junglist Warfare. Her mixes get busy with brass knuckled beats and run these clubs like bullies on the block. The sweet selections she plays are like symphonies and soundtracks to cyclones in mosh-pits. When Miyuki goes hard, her sound is flagrant and hostile – a West Coast Killa to the End. Entrenched in LA, like sawed-offs to a front seat passenger, Miyuki’s connection to underground culture started at the young age of 12. Inspired by a diverse range of music (break beat techno, hardcore, jungle, hip-hop, industrial, heavy metal, trip-hop, ambient, deep and progressive house) she also explored the artforms of Graffiti and B-girl-ism. Battling in underground break circles at many raves and parties, Miyuki repped for VOLTRON CREW from ’96 – ’01. During this period, she started a record collection and finally took her vinyl to the Tech-12s in ’97. She started with Jungle/Drum and Bass and never looked back.
Miyuki finally landed her first two residencies in 2003. She was drafted by Phoenix Orion’s Konkrete Jungle Los Angeles (2003) and Radiobomb on KPFK – 90.7fm. She played as a resident and shared nights with featured guests like R.A.W. and Daddy Kev at KJLA (2003) and DJs Q-Bert and Rhettmatic on KPFK. As her name gained notoriety as the vinyl clad, vinyl totting dominatrix on the decks, her tough and also emotion evoking sounds fueled the rising scene. Miyuki gained narrative depth in her sets as each set contained a musical storyline. The “Quiet Storm” in her was exposed as deep, emotional facets of the mix became apparent to audiences through her selections and sequences. She began spinning other varieties eventually leading her to electro, ghetto house, 80’s bass, breaks and hip-hop. Miyuki later also had runs as resident DJ at Soundwaves, Audio Asylum (A.I.U), and Samurai Sundaze. Her signature mystique boldly embedded her as a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene. Known for her risqué photo shoots and for being one of the toughest, often dark and often heavy, havok-causing drum&bass DJs in LA, Miyuki was making some favorable noise in the scene. This led to her sets moving masses and running ruckus at many major LA events such as Respect, Funktion, LA Beatdown, I Love LA, Timeless, Dark Matter, and many more. Miyuki has shared the bill alongside such names as Tech Itch, Empress, SPL, Dylan, Infiltrata, CRS, Spor and Robyn Chaos to name just a few.


A Junglist Platoon founding member, and monthly Resident at Respect Club, LA’s longest running DNB weekly, DJ Clutch has been a staple in the LA Jungle/DNB scene since its inception. Many crews have come & gone in Los Angeles over the years, yet Clutch and the Platoon have maintained their presence and
influence on the L.A. scene. A DJ you can always count on to deliver quality music and mixing in his sets.

-end fence-

Rising from beneath our Sepharad deserts, QAR wields a story that arcs from ancient methods to future structures and systems. Hatching from his experimental outfit, De Qualia, QAR hones in a more refined sound with a tougher husk and timeless sound scape drawing from classic IDM, techno, and drum & bass. QAR’s narrative is conjured from the residue of vintage synthesizers, warped samples and enigmatic signals from the unventured corners of our universe.

QAR’s live sets and featured mixes show demand the mind and body to transcend their usual collaborative abilities. QAR’s mixes are comprised of intricate rhythms, snarling synths, meticulous design, ineluctable throbs and breathing basslines. He has shared the stage with acts all across the electronic music spectrum such as Amon Tobin, Photek, Max Cooper, DJ Shiftee, SHVLFCE and Jogyo.

Pronounced QAR as in Question-Answer Relationship or “I Care.”

Dynamic. Refined. Original. The LA duo SMSHFRC, comprised of Panther.Gray and brokenshrines, infuses classical structure and operatic aesthetic with finely crafted dance rhythm. With immense focus on producing and evolving their sound, they have cultivated a catalogue of astounding quality, and we are honored to introduce them in their first live performance.


A New York based visual artist/photographer, SHVLFCE’s DJ sets hide in the crushing, mechanised depths of Techstep, Drum and Bass, IDM and Hardcore.
2012 proved to be a groundbreaking year. From premiering a massive mural installation at one of Berlin’s best underground Drum and Bass/Techno clubs: Subland, to collaborations with fashion designer Ximon Lee, SHVLFCE refuses to dwell on boundaries between media, and only strives understand the nature of composition.
SHVLFCE has produced visual design for major labels and artists such as Neosignal, Machine Code, Subsistenz, Kuxxan Suum, and a myriad of others.
Having cultivated many fundamental production techniques and tastes while living in Los Angeles, bringing So Fucking Future to the desert of the west is SHVLFCE’s tip of the hat to L.A.’s flourishing music scene.

December 27 / 2012
The Sullivan Room / Manhattan
Autopilot #5: A Supersonic Session

Saturn Bound presents: AUTOPILOT

In celebration of an incredible first month of Autopilot, we’ve got a supersonic line-up for you on Thursday, December 27 at Sullivan Room.

We’ve got one of NYC’s best soundsystems in the hands of a few sonic geniuses. Seriously, this is going to be stellar. Dare we say, inter-stellar?


Blacky II (Rinsed)

DJ Pony (Digital Native / Disorient)

Miss Sabado (Resonate)

Your Move (end fence)

★ $5 cover ★ 2 for 1 drinks from 10pm – 11pm! ★

A departure from our usual Wednesday nights at Arrow Bar, this is our first mission in the West Village.

Our ethos at Saturn Bound is to perfect the magic that happens when you combine good art, good music, and good community together to create events that take flight.

We believe in providing the space and support for creative collaboration and connection to take place. And have a lot of fucking fun, while doing it. Because all good art is a reason to party.

The Sullivan Room
218 Sullivan Street

10:00 pm – 4:00 am

September 13 / 2012
Private Loft Location / Boston
Mmmmaven and end fence proudly present: Amon Tobin (DJ Set)

As you may know, Amon Tobin’s world-renowned ISAM 2.0 experience was in Boston today. For the better part of two decades, Amon’s unparalleled innovation in sound design has inspired artists across all media to reconsider the frontier possibilities of electronic music. His journey has been marked by a string of highly successful studio albums, collaborations with top acts such as Noisia and Kronos Quartet, and performances at just about every major concert venue on this planet. He was certainly one of our first introductions to the power of electronic music here at end fence. To learn more, visit Amon’s website.

Mmmmaven Agency, a Cambridge-based new music school and talent agency that’s hosted some amazing acts over the last few years, has partnered with end fence to present a special intimate capacity after-hours DJ performance from the man himself at a private loft location in Boston. end fence stalwart De Qualia will be on closing duties.

We’re incredibly proud to have contributed to the night in some small way. Massive thanks to all our continued supporters.

August 28 / 2012
Wonderbar / Allston (MA)
Music Ecology Presents: Om Unit with Krts and kuxxan SUUM

Music Ecology is a Boston-based event production collective formed in the summer of 2009. Their weekly Tuesday night residency at Wonder Bar, as well as numerous events throughout the city, have exposed Boston audiences to numerous local, national, and international talent.

Om Unit is a well-respected electronic music producer and DJ from London who’s performed all over the world and remixed acts like Daedalus, Starkey and Charli XCX. He’ll be joined by Krts and end fence’s own kuxxan SUUM.

10 PM – 2 AM

Wonder Bar
186 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA 02134-2806

January 14 / 2012
Tammany Hall / Manhattan
So Fucking Future: Cycles

[Exit habitat. Escape atmosphere.]
The impulse to wander is constant. The search for new data is endless. After glimpsing deep into the nature of a single system, we have our control data. We must repeat the experiment to witness distant emerging worlds pulsing with the very same root code, exhaling organic life.

Infinite Systems / / cycles within cycles.

Join us January 14th for the fourth edition of So Fucking Future at Tammany Hall.

- Silent Killer & Breaker of the Ohm Resistance.
- A special collaboration between SHVLFCE, lyrical marksman Jogyo, and end fence’s kuxxan SUUM.
- DJ Clever, head of the brilliant Offshore Recordings imprint.
- end fence stalwart De Qualia.
- Arkady

$5 entry
Full Bar (open bar 10-11)

August 20 / 2011
end fence on Future Music with Brion Vytlacil

Arkady and kuxxan SUUM will be joining friend and co-conspirator Brion Vytlacil on his Future Music program at 6 am this Saturday, August 20th. You can tune in on, or visit the show’s archives to listen for the next two years if you can’t join us live. Expect world premieres of new material from De Qualia and kuxxan SUUM and a slew of releases from our back catalogue, along with commentary on why we do what we do, how we do it, and what we’re doing next.

August 15 / 2011
One Last Shag / Brooklyn
Percussion Lab Radio LIVE with XI and Archie Pelago

Join us and celebrate the release of the Shrinin EP by Archie Pelago.

COME BY OR TUNE IN: http://www.percussionlab.c​om/radio

Special Guests:
XI (Orca)
Archie Pelago (Endfence / Car Crash Set)

Dave Q (Twisup / Dub War)
Nooka Jones (Percussion Lab)
Braille (Hotflush / Rush Hour)

Monday August 15th
9PM – 2AM
21+ & FREE!
One Last Shag (the bar formerly known as Sweet Revenge)
348 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
(Classon G Stop)

Streaming live at http://www.percussionlab.c​om/radio
( If that page gives you any issues use​cussionlab )

5$ Beer + Shot deals all night
Big outside/patio area in the back!

June 24 / 2011
The Cove / Brooklyn
TURRBOTAX featuring Ben UFO, Oneman, and Archie Pelago

Our good friends Archie Pelago will be playing at XLR8R‘s TURRBOTAX® party on Friday, June 24th alongside bass music legends Ben UFO and Oneman. This event is not to be missed if you’re in the New York area!

Look for an Archie Pelago EP on end fence due out sometime in mid July!

The particulars:


Ben UFO [ ✈ London / Hessle Audio / Rinse FM ]
Oneman [ ✈ London / 502 / Rinse FM ]
Archie Pelago [Live! / Slime]
Rem Koolhaus vs Callan Klien [TURRBOTAX® / Lemonade]
Contakt [TURRBOTAX®/Local Action]
Space Jam [TURRBOTAX®]
Mayster [TURRBOTAX®]


21+ / Free Before 11pm → $5 Before Midnight → $10 After

Free Asahi™ Beer at 11 till it’s gone.


Re- Enforced Sound → Live Free Or Die

The Cove
108 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY

May 20 / 2011
Private Loft Location / Brooklyn
So Fucking Future: Habitats

Bring many face on May 20th for another night of unhinged revelry, astounding, top-notch musical talent and an exhibition of never-before-seen art work.

Explore asteroid inways and dense cable jungles, spaces untouched and raw premonitions of a savage future. Infest the habitats we create.

Featuring the dark craft of drum & bass duo Silent Killer & Breaker of the Ohm Resistance label and rising, Grammy-nominated lyrical marksman Jogyo, along with support from Arkady and SHVL FCE.

SHVL FCE and Josh Finley will be showing exclusive pieces, including a massive mural work.

There will be reinforced sound for this event, far superior to the last edition, and we’ll be stocking some alcohol.

The drinks will probably go fast so it is suggested that you B.Y.O.B

$3 at the door to cover operations.

We’ll be celebrating Arkady’s birthday. Bring blood sacrifice.

February 25 / 2011
Private Loft Location / Brooklyn
So Fucking Future

“The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.”

Join us February 25th for a night of undiluted, glowing art and music from some of end fence’s closest friends. Featuring Electro/Nudisco/Techno/Future Garage/Drum & Bass from:

De Qualia // SMSHFRC vs. SHVLFCE  // Arkady vs. LUCA

SMSHFRC will be flying in from LA with some serious baroque space shuttle music.

Featuring a gallery exhibition from SHVLFCE and Ron Nadarski and live painting by Ron Nadarski.

Full wine bar by your face.

See flyer for location and details.

January 15 / 2011
Savant Project / Boston, MA
UnHeardUV presents .:FUNKTION:. w/ Arkady and De Qualia

UnHeardUV has been pushing some of the more alluring and forward-thinking selections from the bass music spectrum there — FUNKTION is their monthly outlet, currently based at The Savant Project (1625 Tremont Avenue). They were kind enough to invite Arkady to headline alongside De Qualia; here are the consequences of that invitation for your listening pleasure. Be sure to check the UnHeardUv site for information on their events and other quality programming around the Northeast: