Enclosure Acts: Act I (mixed by Arkady)

This is the inaugural edition of end fence Enclosure Acts: a series of podcast mixes of some of our vital influences and present favorites, served up blended and fused by our resident DJs, label signees, and special guests. Melding the choicest cuts, these mixes are intended, among other things, as guides to our taste and our world.

Arkady: “Act I is a sketched impression inspired by LUCA: the Last Universal Common Ancestor. LUCA is the most recent islet of life from which all descends. Mother involute. We’ve been attempting to recreate her for decades now, hoping to bring forth the cenancestor for the first time in 3.8 billion years. Something about the idea has been haunting me. Teasing into my creativity and supplying difficult elements. Reminding me of the strangeness of life emerging from agential structure.”

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Tracklist as follows:
1. Burial – [untitled] [Hyperdub]
2. Sandwell District – Immolare (Final) [Sandwell District]
3. Downliners Sekt – dirty meinz [Free at downliners-sekt.com]
4. Marcel Fengler – Yaki [Ostgut Ton]
5. Phil Kieran – Bend it, Bend it My Dear [Cocoon]
6. Limacon – Acid Chant [Frequenza Limited]
7. Someone Else – Zebra Talk [31337]
8. Stimming – Der Schmelz [Diynamic]
9. Apparat – King of Clubs [Monkeytown]
10. Shed – Estrange [Ostgut Ton]
11. Ikonika & Optimum – Hum [Monkeytown]
12. T++ – Audio1995#8 [Apple Pips]
13. Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson – The Clock (Ben Klock’s Timepiece) [Rekids]
14. Raiz – Been Caught [Droid]
15. Phil Kieran – Past the Present Future [Cocoon]
16. Martyn feat. Spaceape – Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Mix) [3024]
17. Surgeon – The Crawling Frog is Torn and Smiles [DTR]
18. Clubroot – Whistles & Horns [Lo Dubs]
19. Starkey – CoRoT-9b [Free at amontobin.com]
20. Traversable Wormhole – Exiting the Milkyway (Surgeon Remix) [CLR]
21. The Bug – Tune In [Ninja Tune]
22. Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Restructure 2 (Mala’s Rebuild) [Honest Jon's]
23. Swarms – Separate Sense [Subdepth]
24. Pinch & Emika – 2012 [Tectonic]
25. Trentemøller – Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (Lulu Rouge feat. Abdullah S Remix) [In My Room]
26. Monolake – Observatory [Imbalance Computer Music]
27. O/V/R – Crippled Nurse (And Water) [Blueprint]
28. Moderat feat. Paul St. Hilaire – Slow Match [Bpitch Control]