Enclosure Acts: Act IV (mixed by Arkady)

Arkady here. This is the fourth edition of the end fence Enclosure Acts podcast — Act IV. I’ve taken a momentary detour from our mildly ambitious project of chronicling the emergence and evolution of life on Earth through musical arrangement. The past three Acts have been dedicated to that purpose.

Act IV isn’t begging for any serious diatribes. I was reaching for something elusive and looming with this one.

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Tracklist as follows:

1. Forward Strategy Group – Inside the Shadows [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
2. The Fear Ratio – The Quick and the Dead [Blueprint]
3. Thom Yorke – Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix) [XL]
4. Vaetxh – Mass [King Deluxe]
5. Jooke Illsøe – Feeling Good (Trentemøller Remix/Trentemøller Chronicles Edit) [Pokerflat]
6. Al Tourettes – Body Logic [Bonus Round]
7. Marco Bernardi – Giro (Exium Fabric 53 12 Inch Mix) [Dirty Planet]
8. Agony Forces – About Physics [Newrhythmic Digital]
9. Christian Wunsch – Cohoba (Funckarma Remake) [Tsunami]
10. Surgeon – the power of doubt [Dynamic Tension]
11. Oscar Mulero – Like a Wolf [Pole Recordings Spain]
12. Coushin – Heild (Agony Forces Remix) [Detroit Underground]
13. Regis – Blinding Horses [Blackest Ever Black]
14. Xhin – Foreshadowed (Dadub Remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
15. Phon.O – Sad Happiness [Fifty Weapons]
16. Reeko – Inroad [Theory]
17. Robin Jacobs and Martex – Good Rock Dancin’ [Trust Us]
18. Alexey Vokov – Nomad (Tommy Four Seven Remix) [Planete Rouge]
19. Death Abyss – Conformity is Suicide [Rodz - Konez]
20. Casual Violence – Sepia Burn [Ballistic]
21. Raiz – Keep Secrets (James Ruskin Remix) [Droid]
22. Marcel Fengler – Enigma [Ostgut Ton]
23. Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Andi Müllers Looong Mix) [Self-Released]
24. Adam Beyer – Antistitius [CLR]
25. Tomohiko Sagae – No Way Out [Rodz - Konez]
26. Perc – My Head is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods Remix) [Perc Trax]
27. Lucy & Xhin – LX3 [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
28. Ancient Methods – Mitral Regurgitation (Adam X Remix) [Sonic Groove]
29. BCR Boys – Blink [Prosthetic]
30. Marcel Fengler – Knavish [IMF]
31. Marcel Dettmann – Shelter [Ostgut Ton]
32. Blackfilm – Eastern [Spectraliquid]
33. Uusitalo – Vesi Virtaa Veri [Huume]
34. Miles – Primer [Modern Love]
35. Sawf – Okladon [Perc Trax]
36. Hecq – Steeltongued (Steel Tank by Michael Fakesch) [Hymen]
37. Trentemøller – The Forest [Pokerflat]
38. Access to Arasaka – She [Tympanik]