end fence at Burning Man: 30,000 Watts of Futures Past

end fence is thrilled to partner with our friends at Kostume Kult for Burning Man 2013 to bring over 16 hours of transcendent style on the 30,000 watt custom KK system — right in the center of the action at 3:15 and Esplanade. We’ll be starting at 12pm on Wednesday, August 28th.

Your Move
Create Her

We’ve been graciously invited to deliver back to back extended sets of our absolute favorite music from around the planet and across time. We’ll be weaving our stories from elements of house, techno, dub, ballroom, kuduro, abstract electronica, broken beats, and god knows what else — beguiling, vital, lush and looming is the name of the game.

Kostume Kult’s deep devotion to self-realization through gift giving and the celebration of individuality makes them an incredible host for us. We couldn’t thank them enough for the opportunity!

To learn more about Kostume Kult’s daily Transformation Experience, visit their event page here