Enclosure Acts: Act III (mixed by De Qualia)

A Summerdawn gift for you.

Gliding, thriving, not quite flying.
The third rendition of end fence Enclosure Acts continues our acoustic kneading through the legacy of life. De Qualia’s kindly served up a diapason of fantastic sounds for you to salivate over. With Act III we celebrate the emergence of the chordates — the slippery phylum we all belong to, vertebrates veritable. Our spine lends us flex and lurch alike. United we are by the braided absolute, a line inside — the foundation of form, the start of a stick figure. As we’ve suggested, the end fence Enclosure Acts attempt, among other things, to chronicle the emergence and evolution of life on Earth through musical arrangement.

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Tracklist as follows:
1. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – In the Hall of the Mountain King [Null]
2. Truth – Under Current [Aquatic Lab]
3. Porcelain Minotaurs – Leaf and Shadows of Minotaurs [Acroplane]
4. 16Bit – Serum [Mindset]
5. Sunchase & Marginal – Claustrophile [Dubzilla]
6. Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (Es.stereo Remix) [Kmag Remix Comp]
7. Stray – Saturday [Invisible]
8. Eskmo – You Go, I See That [Ninja Tune]
9. Moderat – 3 Minutes Of [BPitch Control]
10. Sigha – On The Strip [Hotflush]
11. Kamino – Roof Light [Echodub]
12. Seba – Painted Sky (Gerwin Remix) [Kmag Remix Comp]
13. Subwave – Rain Dance [Golden Knight]
14. Dakosa – It Was The Future [Shadybrain]
15. Clubroot – Embryo [LoDubs]
16. Burial – Stolen Dog [Hyperdub]
17. De Qualia – Number Slumber [end fence]
18. Kangding Ray – En Amaryllis Jour [raster-noton.net]
19. Andy Stott – Execution [Modern Love]
20. Hybris – Of Two Minds [Invisible]
21. Octane & DLR – Teknikel [Peer Pressure]
22. Milanese – The End (Untold Remix) [Planet Mu]
23. Objekt – Untitled [Objekt]
24. Kastle- Better Off Alone [Seclusiasis]