END004: The Shrinin EP by Archie Pelago (forthcoming)

Greg Hefferman, Zach Koeber and Dan Hirshorn are Archie Pelago — a bliss-bearing experiment in wedding cello, saxophone and the rolling swagger of emerging sounds in bass music. The trio, who met through a cascade of fortunate coincidence and correspondence spread across New York city, have been producing together since Autumn of 2010. Their diverse sources of inspiration resonate clearly in their growing body of work. While the group produces their music collectively, each member brings something particular to the fold: Greg his cello, Zach his saxophone and Dan his trumpet and DJing expertise. Together they bend their respective tools into a vibrant, meditative architecture that bears the weight of their influences.

The Shrinin EP presents some of Archie Pelago’s finest works to date. We really think the music speaks for itself with this release; plunge into something sultry and searing with emotion, a collection of pieces that evoke both alien frames of mind and familiar states of déjà vu.

Be sure to return to the site on August 15th when the Shrinin EP will be made available for free download.

Mastering by DEAD GEOFF.
Cover art by Arkady.

If you’re in New York you can catch the boys at a Tekserve Seminar where they’ll “demonstrate how they’re able to harness the power of Ableton Live, Serato Scratch Live, The Bridge and Max for Live along with their instruments and midi controllers to achieve their seamless beats and bass.” Follow the link to register.

You can also see them live Monday, August 15th at Praveen Sharma’s (Sepalcure/Braille) Percussion Lab party. The whole end fence crew’ll be there; come grab a drink and a dance with us. Check the flyer below for particulars.

Look out for end fence Enclosure Acts: Act IV mixed by Arkady sometime in the next week, and stay tuned for news on more releases in the coming weeks. A lot more releases.