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END005: binary[GALAXY] EP by kuxxan SUUM

Tumbleweeds haven’t been turning here at end fence HQ; in fact, a village of two seems to be thriving into a global city of taste. Since our inception in March we’ve had over 11,000 listens clocked on our Soundcloud page alone — with countless others downloading our music directly or from our many blog affiliates. Archie Pelago were recently featured on the front page of Create Digital Music, a seminal online resource for producers and musicians. Please check out the article if you’re interested in Archie’s innovative live setup that conjoins DJ equipment, Cello, Saxophone, Ableton Live, Serato and Bridge in a brilliant way.

We’d like to express sincere and passionate gratitude to everyone who finds their interests piqued and their eyes slightly widened by our work here. We’ve only just begun, together.

Our next release, coming Monday, October 24th, is a new four track EP of powerful materials from end fence co-founder kuxxan SUUM. Deeper details and artwork will emerge in the coming days. For now we’re sharing the track list alone:

A/ binary[GALAXY]
B/ first night in Brooklyn
C/ ternary[GALAXY]
D/ Primitive Laser

More yet.