Enter Soramimi

We’re viciously proud to announce our next release: the debut Square Esteem from Brooklyn enactor Soramimi. Soramimi, alias of Celia Kim, is a NYC-based producer.

Brought up by classical training and rave culture, she regards her music as storytelling and imagery, rather than just dance tracks per se. Her sound is illustrated by cerebral textures and dreamlike compositions. “Soramimi” is defined as a “mishearing” or feigned deafness.

We were struck by the unique fluency and gravity of Soramimi’s work — we feel you will be as well. Square Esteem will be made available for free high quality download on Tuesday, June 4th.


1. Wonderworm
2. A Lake is Just an Upside Down Sky
3. A Lake is Just an Upside Down Sky (Your Move Remix)
4. Preface to a Forest Fire