Mmmmaven and end fence proudly present… Amon Tobin (DJ Set)

As you may know, Amon Tobin’s world-renowned ISAM 2.0 experience was in Boston today. For the better part of two decades, Amon’s unparalleled innovation in sound design has inspired artists across all media to reconsider the frontier possibilities of electronic music. His journey has been marked by a string of highly successful studio albums, collaborations with top acts such as Noisia and Kronos Quartet, and performances at just about every major concert venue on this planet. He was certainly one of our first introductions to the power of electronic music here at end fence. To learn more, visit Amon’s website.

Mmmmaven Agency, a Cambridge-based new music school and talent agency that’s hosted some amazing acts over the last few years, has partnered with end fence to present a special intimate capacity after-hours DJ performance from the man himself at a private loft location in Boston. end fence stalwart De Qualia will be on closing duties.

We’re incredibly proud to have contributed to the night in some small way. Massive thanks to all our continued supporters.