PRCA Announces Debut Album

Art-havoc legend and Ohm Resistance Principle, Kurt Submerged and end fence co-founder, arkady, have joined forces to become Positive Reinforcement Choice Architecture or PRCA. They recently compiled a mix to promote their debut album set to drop early 2015. Check the mix on Mantis Radio:

Mantis Radio 163 + PRCA by Darkfloor Sound on Mixcloud

You can expect a 7″ remixing Scorn + Regis’ Marabella Pete Pt. 2 this winter.

A few words from PRCA:

“We are all assets”. That is the theme of PRCA – national level foreign policy realpolitik spy missions as voiced through techno music. Real stories from in the field to from behind bars, at all levels of and in service to all kinds institutions. Moscow rules = assume everyone you make contact with to be corrupted.

More details on PRCA and the album to come…