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Stakes Dismantled

It’s been quiet here along the end fence borderlands for some weeks. We’ve been re-evaluating our structure and aims, and have decided to pursue a new direction. From now on, all end fence releases will be available to download in pristine quality free of charge the day that they’re released — for any and everyone. The age of the sold reproduction, of music placed in equivalence with perishable commodities, grows colder each day. Countless artists and collectives are turning to free dissemination as the new model for engaging the public. We believe our best work is born of our passion for nurturing culture and creating meaningful spaces for you all to connect, resonate, love and cower in sublime terror. Our focus is on spreading the works of brilliant artists and creating opportunities for you to engage them directly through live shows, club events and other celebrations of man’s re-creation through recreation. Get in here.

To that end our first release, De Qualia’s Grasp EP, will be available for you to download this Thursday, March 31st on this site and our Soundcloud page.

Our next release, kuxxan SUUM’s Language/Barrier EP is shaping up to be an incredible offering. We’ve already heard some jaw-dropping remixes from DJ Nita, Dead Geoff (free track download!), and De Qualia, with some other unreal talents still working in their labs. Look for Language/Barrier sometime in late April / early May.

Look for some serious end fence affiliated public programming in New York City and Boston in the next few months as well. We’re staying tight-lipped on details for now — we’ll only tantalize you with the prospect of the second coming of So Fucking Future on May 20th, this time featuring some immense heavy hitters from the world of drum & bass and a special performance from Moisture Farm, the imaginative drum & bass live act helmed by kuxxan SUUM and Arkady.

Finally, show some love to kuxxan SUUM. He’s currently participating in a remix contest, aiming to score a b-side release on the legendary Planet Mu label. Check out the kuxxan SUUM fogchop of Falty DL’s “Brazil.” Maybe you’ll find something you lost long ago in there…

Thank you for the kind support you’ve offered thus far. Next time you hear from us we’ll be bearing loaded gifts.